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French route Stage 2: From Orrega/Roncesvalles to Zubiri (22 km.)

French route Stage 2: From Orrega/Roncesvalles to Zubiri (22 km.)

On leaving Orreaga/Roncesvalles the route begins to the right along a path that runs parallel to the road through woods of firs and beech trees. It passes a wired fence, turns into the meadow and carries on to the left on a track that leads to the Auritz/Burguete road.

When you arrive at Auritz/Burguete the route forks: one of the branches follows the road and the other (along a parallel street) which starts at a picnic area surrounded by trees. veers to the right, goes down a hill, crosses the river via a wooden bridge and carries along on a track for 500 metres until it finally turns to the left. After another kilometre the path narrows and passes over a small stony area, two streams and then continues to a path to the left. Soon after, you ascend to the next crossroads, where you continue on the left and cross the fence through a wicket gate. It carries on and goes up a steep slope, continues to the right, crosses a field and heads down via a track that leads to Aurizberri/Espinal.

The route runs along the main street and 200 metres later turns left and takes the track that heads up to the mountain. Continue along the track and, after a short time, turn right along a path that reaches an area of level ground after passing through a fence. There the path continues to the right, skirting the forest. Three hundred metres later it emerges at the top of mount Mezkiritz (2,025 feet), crosses it and continues along the opposite path; cross a wooden board that stops animals passing through and descend through beech woods for 500 metres. Then take the path to the right and skirt the mountain, from where you will be able to see the road at the bottom on the left. The route carries on through the gate and continues along the track to the left. It comes out on a bend in the road, but carries on along a path until it emerges onto the road that goes to the right. One hundred metres later, it takes a right onto the path that will take you to Bizkarreta-Gerendiain. Before coming out onto the road, take the path to the left and carry straight on with the road to the right.

A short distance ahead the path comes out onto the road, runs along it for 200 metres and then heads right onto a path that leads into the village of Lintzoain.

When you leave the village, follow the concrete track that has a strong gradient and enters a wood; later on, you come out on a wider track. It carries on for 300 metres and then turns off to the left. It emerges onto an open space further on and carries straight on until it reaches the stones of the Pasos de Roldán (three stones that represent the footsteps of the legendary character Roland and his family).

Then the route continues straight on, up and down slopes, and crosses the road. On the last part of the descent, several paths emerge, even though the path you must follow is easily spotted. We eventually arrive at the ‘Puente de la Rabia’ Bridge in Zubiri.

What is there to do and see at the end of the stage?

  • Batueco spring, with curative waters according to popular tradition in Zubiri
  • Sports centre-swimming pool: open all year round. Special price for pilgrims. In summer, stretching classes organised for pilgrims.

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  • For more information: Zubiri council (next to the sports centre) 948304797, e-mail: turismo@esteribar.org
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