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Aragonese branch. Stage 1: From Artieda to Sangüesa (26 km.)

Aragonese branch. Stage 1: From Artieda to Sangüesa (26 km.)

From Artieda, the route descends down a gentle slope to continue on further roads and tracks. After 10 kilometres along flat ground, it enters the village-fortress of Ruesta.

The route enters Navarre along the Undués trail, a packed earth track that descends and crosses the narrow road of the Bardenas Canal, next to the Arbea farmyard. From there, a wide track takes you among cereal fields and hills dotted with kermes oaks. You can admire the Shrine of Nuestra Señora del Socorro atop a hill close by. To the south, the crowded medieval town of Sos del Rey Católico is clearly visible.

Under a barren crag, the route leaves the main track to continue along a narrower one on irrigated land. The numerous buildings in assorted styles announce the proximity of Sangüesa, which we enter on a paved road that passes by the Cross of San Lázaro. We cross Sangüesa and leave over the iron bridge crossing the Aragon river.

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