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The Pilgrim's Way along the Ebro valley: from Cortes to Castejón (40 km by road)

The historic Ebro route was walked by pilgrims from the Mediterranean ports; they followed the course of the river Ebro to join up with the French Route in Logroño (La Rioja). This branch enters Navarre at Cortes and crosses the south of the region diagonally as far as Castejón. It is a surprising landscape, in which fertile copses and market gardens contrast with the desert-like aridity of the Natual Park of Bardenas Reales. The route also evokes the peaceful coexistence between Arabs, Jews, and Christians through its towers, palaces and churches.

The Pilgrim's Way along the Ebro valley

a monumental city where three different cultures coexisted (those mentioned above). The Jews settled in a labyrinth of narrow streets full of intriguing corners and tight façades crowned by Mudejar eaves. A visit to the Jewish quarter is a must, without forgetting monuments such as the Cathedral of Santa María, palaces like the Dean's, squares such as Los Fueros or bridges like the one over the Ebro, a 360-metre-long with 17 ogival rounded arches that is the gateway to the interesting past of Tudela. From an urban planning point of view, Tudela is considered one of the most important cities of Islamic origin in Spain and Europe.

Very close to the route, do not miss:

Bardenas Reales Natural Park
, near Arguedas (14 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Tudela)


, a major Baroque cente (11 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Castejón)


Monastery of Fitero
, the first Cistercian monastrery in the Iberian Peninsula (20 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Castejón)

Monastery of Tulebras

Tulebrasko monasterioa
, the first Cistercian convent in the Iberian Peninsula (13 km from the Pilgrim's Way from Tudela).