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A unique atmosphere

From 6th July at midday, the moment the “Chupinazo” rocket is launched marking the start of the San Fermin festivities, until 14th July with the “Pobre de mí” farewell ceremony, enthusiasm and excitement brings the city to life.

Navarran locals and warmly welcomed visitors from all around the world live out 9 days and 9 nights to the full, always accompanied by the music that spills out onto the streets from the bars, local social clubs and open-air concerts.

This unrivalled atmosphere is also felt in the running of the bulls, different from any other national bull festival. Here the stars are the San Fermin Peñas (social clubs) which liven up the spectacle from the sun stands with their dances and songs.

During the day the streets are flooded with a mix of traditional acts, music, gastronomy, and improvised arts and dances. At night the fireworks hail what will surely be a bustling evening atmosphere, which loses intensity as dawn approaches, to be met again at 8 o’clock by a new wave of spectators and runners of the Bull Run held at that time each morning.

As with all mass festivals, caution is always recommendable, but if the San Fermin festivities are exceptional for anything, it is their hospitality, happiness, friendly interactions and good atmosphere. 204 hours of festivities in which the white and red attire bring people together in unity, to share dances, tables, and secrets. All kinds of barriers are broken down: generational, language, nationality… all united with the same objective, to enjoy themselves and to have fun.

If this is what you’re searching for, look no further.