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Guided tours of Olite

Visita guiada al castillo-palacio Although Olite is a town, it actually resembles a village. Located in the Central Area of Navarra and with little more than 3000 inhabitants, your tour will take you back to medieval times, to an era of tournaments, kings and princesses, wizards and minstrels... this place is a must-visit and, if the history is told by local guides, then you'll enjoy it even more.


  • "The secrets of Olite" a guided walk that will lead you through the narrow streets of the town, revealing charming spots, snippets of its extensive history as the royal seat and amusing popular anecdotes. You'll learn about the former Royal Palace, which is the present-day National Parador, the recently restored church of Santa María, where you can now appreciate its original polychroming, the church of San Pedro, houses bearing their coats of arms, medieval galleries . . . To round off your visit, you'll get the chance to enjoy a glass of Garnacha wine and a snack.
Guiarte +34 948 741 273: duration: 2 h tour and 30 min. appetizer. Price: adults: 9€; children from 11 to 17 years: 6€.

Please note that the guided tour does not include a visit to the Royal Palace (14th C) considered to be one of the most luxurious palaces in Europe and a must-visit in Navarra. This will take at least 45 minutes.


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How to finish the day

Go to Ujué, a beautiful medieval village of narrow streets and steep slopes that culminate in the Sanctuary-Fortress of Santa María de Ujué.


Visit not recommended for children under 11 due to the length of stay and historical content.