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Food and drink during the San Fermin fiesta

You just can't understand the San Fermin fiesta without a full stomach, because it's a true festival for the taste buds.

To fuel your body from the very start, you need a good breakfast. And what better than some tasty churros with chocolate to help you gather strength for the whole day? In the Old Town, there are a number of places where they make really good ones.

Mid-morning and it's 'almuerzo' time: a typical local meal you shouldn't miss out on. One of the most popular dishes is fried eggs with fried tomato sauce and txistorra sausage or bacon. One notable meal is the 'almuercico' on the 6th of July, when families and groups of friends really pack their food away to last throughout the day of the Chupinazo.

Then comes lunch, and the best thing you can do is visit one of Pamplona's many restaurants, where you'll be able to try anything from traditional fare to the most innovate dishes by some of the best chefs of the moment.
Of all the typical dishes from Navarre, we recommend you try bacalao al ajoarriero, a local cod dish, and cordero al chilindrón (lamb stew). You could also go for some of the fine charcoal-grilled meat and the delicious vegetables from Navarre's market gardens. And bull's tail stew is a typical San Fermin dish you'll find on most menus.

To accompany this delicious food, nothing better than a fine Navarra wine. Red, rosé or white, their flavours make them special and that's why they're famous worldwide. Another option is the cold, sharp local cider, a true delight to the palate.
And to finish off, a long chat around the table with a glass of the Navarrese disgestif par excellence, pacharán.

And then it's time for an afternoon snack and another San Fermin classic comes to mind: eating at the bullfight. This is a free-for-all: any dish you can imagine is acceptable at this strange feast, for many the only meal of the day. If you don't go to the bullfight, the alternative is a bar with 'pinchos' to try an egg or pepper fritter, scrambled egg with mushrooms, potato omelette or one of the traditional croquettes.

For the last meal of the day, you can make your way to Vuelta del Castillo to watch the fireworks with a good French-bread sandwich to keep your strength up.

For some, this is when their San Fermin day begins and so maybe it's time to try a kalimotxo, a local drink made from a mixture of wine and cola, or one of Navarre's craft beers. Remember to get a reusable cup from one of the many distribution points to contribute to sustainability and the environment.

Finally, for those who find they've somehow lost track of time and the day seems to have lasted forever, there's no better way to calm the stomach than a good hot cup of soup.

Bon appétit! On egin!

Razones para no perdértela

Razones para no perdértela
Primavera Verano Otoño Invierno

The best moment

From the 6th to the 14th of July.
How to finish the day

How to finish the day

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