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The renewable energy centre of Aibar

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The renewable energy centre of Aibar - Planta de Biomasa. Sangüesa
icono pie de fotoPlanta de Biomasa. Sangüesa
The renewable energy centre of Aibar
The renewable energy centre of Aibar - Paneles solares.
icono pie de fotoPaneles solares.


Planta de Biomasa. Sangüesa
A renewable energy centre is located near Sangüesa, the most representative area in Navarre in terms of renewable energy sources. It contains a number of renewables such as wind and solar power, small hydro and biomass.

The centre has been set up in the old cinema of the mediaeval town of Aibar, next to the church of San Pedro. The building is an example of sustainable development in itself because it is equipped with solar panels, is built in stone, tiles and timber, and contains the firstbiomass boiler in a public building.

It has two large exhibition areas and an audiovisual room. Panels, models and videos of each type of renewable energy help visitors to learn more about the subject. The exhibition titled "Renueva tu Energía" (renew your energy) invites you to discover the importance that energy has had -and continues to have- in human development.

The centre organises visits to renewable energy facilities in the area and experimental activities with natural fuels under the motto "Hazlo tú mism@" (do it yourself). There is nothing better than this visitto feel that your energies have been renewed.


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