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Fundación Miguel Echauri

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Fundación Miguel Echauri
Fundación Miguel Echauri
Fundación Miguel Echauri
Fundación Miguel Echauri


A singular proposition by the painter Miguel Echauri (Pamplona, 1917) is part of the tourist route through the historic quarter of Pamplona. The visit to his house-museum offers a dual opportunity: to get to know the work of a key artist of Navarrese painting of the 20th century, and also to discover a spectacular 17th-century city building.
The painter opens the doors of his family home and seat of his Foundation through a one-hour long visit that starts with a video on the artist's life. It continues through the two floors where a carefully selected exhibition of his paintings is on display, and ends in the exhibition room in the semi-basement, a gallery used for temporary exhibitions.
After receiving artistic training from the Navarrese painter Ciga, Miguel moved to America, where he visited several countries over 18 years; however, Uruguay was the place where he obtained greatest recognition in the form of numerous prizes and medals. The painting of Miguel Echauri, in harmony with the best traditions of Spanish painting, is characterised by its accentuated realism, the use of ochres and greens, and the use of light in a similar manner to Caravaggio, Zurbarán or Dalí. He paints landscapes and still life from his imagination, rich in textures, and repeatedly representing stone as a way of depicting the passage of time and abandonment.
Inside the building the most striking feature is the perfect integration of his work into the baroque framework it is exhibited in, with the counterpoint of the minimalist decoration of the house. He worked on this aspect with his brother Fermín, with whom he created a cultural Foundation with the triple objective of disseminating his work, acting as a 'launching pad' for young artists from Navarre, and organising a range of cultural activities.


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