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The church at Gazólaz

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The church at Gazólaz - The church at Gazólaz
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The church at Gazólaz - Atrio
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The church at Gazólaz - Capitel románico
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The church at Gazólaz
Just 6 kilometres from Pamplona, the Pilgrim's Way to Puente la Reina passes through Gazólaz. This hamlet of just over 100 inhabitants has one of the best examples of porched churches in Navarre, the Romanesque Our Lady of the Purification. Built in the first half of the 13th century, its highlight is the beautiful side atrium, in whose arches the capitals are profusely decorated. Admire the rich ornamentation, pick out the scenes of the Passion and imagine what the master mason charged with the carving eight centuries ago was trying to communicate

The church of Our Lady of the Purification of Gazólaz, a hamlet in the Pamplona basin that is crossed by the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago, draws our attention with its interesting arched atrium in the Late Romanesque style. A slight Gothic influence is seen in the ribs of the dome that covers the roof.

The porch has two entrances: one a simple semicircular arch looking south, which is opposite the entrance to the church, and another semicircular arch that rests on double columns with capitals, which looks eastwards.

To the side of the southern entrance to the porch there are capitals with human heads between balls and heads of animals, from whose mouths triangulated rings emerge. An angel can be seen on the side of one of the buttresses, followed by three human figures and a great winged bull at the front. On the central capital one of the arches depicts the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem: a figure appears on a donkey flanked by two angels and accompanied by the 12 apostles, and several heads that appear looking over a tower. On a double column there is a large capital with two spouts at the front, a centaur and St Michael killing the dragon on the shorter sides. You will also see wild birds that seem to be biting their feet -a motif that spread after it appeared in the Romanesque Cathedral of Pamplona-, interlinked stems and canes.

undefined, located next to the apse of the header, has a number of different motifs on its capitals: birds biting their feet, a centaur and scenes alluding to the Passion such as the Kiss of Judas, the Prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter cutting off Malchus's ear, and the Crucifixion.

A small eave covers the porch, supported on small overhanging eaves, sometimes containing motifs such as contortionists, human figures, animal heads, balls or the typical Cluny-inspired chessboard configuration.

The access door to the church is bell-shaped and semicircular with three archivolts on columns with capitals with s-shaped moulds (cimacios) where the decoration is based on plant motifs and other interconnected figures. The tympanum, on corbels, which represents the traditional themes of a lion and a bull devouring a man, has a beautiful Trinity Crismon.
The inside of the church consists of a single nave in three sections, with a pointed barrel vault supported on transverse arches that in turn rest on corbels, except for the one corresponding to the triumphal arch, which is supported on pilasters. The apse is semicircular with a quarter-sphere dome. The chorus and the vestry were added in the 16th century by the mason Miguel de Azcárate. The interesting Romanist altarpiece, dated 1648, is the work of Martín de Echeverría, a sculptor from Pamplona.

Opposite the church is a boundary cross in fairly deteriorated condition that stands on a stone. In Gazólaz there are also some interesting noble houses, such as the one next door to the Village Hall. It has a semicircular arched stone door and a gallery of arches on the top floor.


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  • Locality GAZÓLAZ
  • Zone The Pamplona Basin
  • Address Plaza de Santa María
  • Tel. 948262272 - 650571847
  • Style Romanesque