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Palace-style Tower of Olcoz

Pilgrim's Way to Santiago Accessible


Palace-style Tower of Olcoz - Olcoz. Torre Palaciana
icono pie de fotoOlcoz. Torre Palaciana
Palace-style Tower of Olcoz - Interior Torre
icono pie de fotoInterior Torre
Palace-style Tower of Olcoz - Terraza superior
icono pie de fotoTerraza superior
Palace-style Tower of Olcoz - Personajes y paneles explicativos
icono pie de fotoPersonajes y paneles explicativos
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Olcoz. Torre Palaciana
This is a magnificent noble tower that dates from (at least) the 15th century. Located in central Navarre at the crossroads of its main routes, it served as a watchtower thanks to its strategic situation, linked to nearby castles as part of the defensive system of the ancient Kingdom. It was destroyed during the War of Independence (1811-1813) when troops loyal to General Espoz y Mina set fire to the building while it housed Napoleon's troops. Its interior was reduced to rubble, with only its four walls left standing.

A recent restoration has returned the tower's previous splendour to its interior and roof, based on the nearby (and similar) Tower of Ayanz. Its four floors now house the offices of the Council of Olcoz, an interpretation centre on Romanesque architecture, a multimedia room, another floor for temporary exhibitions and a crenelated terrace that crowns the tower with splendid views of the surrounding countryside. It also has a glass elevator and services adapted for disabled people.

The interpretation centre
With the suggestive title "Eunate-Olcoz: keys to the Pilgrim's Way to Compostela. The jewel of early Renaissance in Navarre in the 12th century", the centre houses a comprehensive exhibition that describes the relationship between four churches: El Crucifijo in Puente la Reina, Eunate, Echano and Olcoz's own church. Olcoz stands on the Pilgrim's Way to Compostela and its parish church of San Miguel (St Michael) has an identical façade to that of Santa Maria de Eunate, although the other way round. A Navarrese legend explains this situation, in which supernatural help was not lacking.

The exhibition also focuses on the fascinating Romanesque sculpture and the most characteristic constellations of stars on the Pilgrim's Way in the Milky Way. An interesting audio-visual presentation introduces visitors to the mystical atmosphere that surrounds the early centuries of the Pilgrim's Way to Compostela.


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Services: el Concejo de Olcoz alquila las instalaciones de la torre, dotada de la infraestructura adecuada para la celebración de eventos (reuniones de empresa, celebraciones de bodas, comidas...), talleres (profesionales y centros educativos) y exposiciones.


ACCESIBILIDAD: información sobre la accesibilidad de la Torre Palaciana de Olcoz (PDF accesible). Diagnóstico realizado por Equalitas Vitae.

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